Legend Or Survivor "I've Seen It All!"


Legend Or Survivor
I’ve Seen It All
Tips and Tales
Of 40+ years as a
Susquehanna Fishing Guide

276 pages
90 full color pages

Foreword – Lance takes you through his early childhood fishing experiences that influenced him to be one of the top and longest lasting full time fishing guides on the Susquehanna River. He then shares his experiences throughout his 40 + years as a fishing guide along with some fishing tips to help you catch more fish.
Acknowledgements – This is the part where I thank everyone that helped me in life and to write this book.
1. The Early Years – How I got started fishing, thanks Dad
2. Dick Rivers – My first client for 33 years, many adventures, ashes in the river.
3. I’m Not A Professional Angler- How I’m just a fishing guide, nothing more.
4. It's Not All Glimmer And Games-Story of me telling a young man to stay in school
5. My Clients New Boat – Humorous and exciting story of over a time of three years I unknowingly persuaded a clients wife to buy him a new boat. Not My Fault!
6. The Media – My experiences with various media from newspapers to TV
7. Teaching Kids and Adults – Proper techniques showing kids and adults how to fish.
8. A Few Things From An Old Guide – Or basically 10 ways to maybe piss off your guide. Suggested by my clients.
9. Adventures On The Water With WCOs -  Just what it says, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You got to read this!
10. Videos I’ve made – The inside stories. A lot of time and energy to make a good video.
11. Fishing Trips By The Month – One of my seminars written down, month by month, what and how we use various lures throughout the year. Over 8,000 to 10,000 fish per year with these techniques.
12. In Sickness Or In Health – The story of the only two times I was forced to reschedule because either I was sick or the government was, and still is!
13. More Tales From The River – More adventure stories I’ve had on the river
14. Wildlife Along The River - 43 beautiful color photos of wildlife we see consistently. (I’m told a favorite of the ladies)
15. Appreciation Of The Region And History Fish – The history along the river where I charter. Some things you never knew!
Afterword – A few paragraphs about Lance from Master Maine Guide and seminar speaker for Field and Stream, Randy Flannery.

Legend Or Survivor I’ve Seen It All Tips and Tales Of 40+ years as a Susquehanna Fishing Guide

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