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The Susquehanna River is known for being one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the United States and the North Branch of the river is the best of the best.The fishing, scenery, and wildlife is second to none. It's common for us to to see bald eagles, great blue heron,ducks, geese, song and shore birds along with deer, raccoon, mink, beaver and the occasional fox, bear, and river otter.

Ask about our scenic river tours and bird watching tours!

Come fish with one of the best full time guides, (7 days a week), that has more river experience and more documented hours on the water than any other guide on the Susquehanna River! I cover over 60 miles of river and can tell you where the fish were yesterday, today, and tomorrow from ice out to ice in.

L.D.Guide Service was started in 1980 and continues today to be one of the best guide service's you can find, and is one of or, "The Longest" active full time fishing guides in PA with 43 years of non stop guiding, with an 80% client return. 


I am available for fishing seminars during my off season from January until Mid April! I give a 1hr power point presentaition on fishing throughout the seasons. From ice out when the water is cold and clear through the high water muddy season, the hot weather mid season, and the beautiful fall ending up with ice in the winter. I'll show you the lures we use, the best location presentations, and how to properly present those lures like we do in my boat to catch an average of 10K fish per season!.Contact me for my rates on seminars.

Your calls are Important to me!

However during fishing season from Mid March to the end of December I'm usually out with clients on the river and can't talk on the phone. However you could still send me a text at 570-250-1147 or send an e-mail at lance@ldguideservice.com and I could answer you during the day. If you wish to talk to me at 570-250-1147, I get home usually at 7:00PM and hit the bed at 9:00PM. I can take your calls or call you back at that time. Thanks for understanding.

Witnessed and confirmed catches for the last 17years:

2022 - 10,242 fish

2021 - 9,003 fish, lots of mud , but bigger fish this year.

2020 - 8,698 fish, Governor wouldn't let me start until May 1st!

2019- 9,846 fish, taking time off to go to Maine fishing now. Wanna go?

2018 - 7,286 fish, The worst and wettest river conditions I've experienced in 38 years of guiding

2017 - 10,017 fish

2016 - 10,345 fish

2015 - 7,612 fish, another non traditional season, tough water conditions

2014-  8,367 fish, a non traditional season. Muddy water up until July but we still caught fish!

2013 - 10,017 fish 

2012 - 10,301 fish. 

2011 -   8,250 fish * Wettest season in Pa History! High waters, floods and mud most of the season.

2010 - 11,048 fish

2009 - 11,920 fish

2008 - 13,140 fish

2007 - 11,873 fish

2006 - 10,358 fish

Total - 168,3333 fish * 17yr Average 9,901 fish /season

One Experienced Guide - One Boat !

Please take the time to explore my website to see what all my guide service has to offer. I look forward to fishing with you.

Good fishing,


You asked for it, I can now do it. Balance payment at the river, cash is always king, however I can take a personal check or credit card. If you use a credit card, I have to pass along the finance charge the charge me which is 3.25% right now. Like I said, cash is king.

The #1 question I hear from new anglers is "When is the best time to come to fish": The answer is between April 1st and Dec 1st. Whenever you can make it. WE WILL CATCH FISH or reschedule a free charter! (applies to adults only)

Check out my 6hr cold water specials in March and December at $205.00 for 2 people!!!!!!!

*Please note! Longer or shorter hours than the 6hr special will be at the regular yearly rates.

Take a look at this: www.youtube.com/Menschy333 -----A short video of a trip we did in November,  we still catch quality fish in cold water! Give it a try!

Want to learn how to catch river fish and be entertained at the same time? Check out my DVD's for sale! Just go to "Shop" up above, click on "Gifts and video's" then select the one for you!

Winter shows where I'll be at for 2024


January 25th through the 28th - I'll have my own booth at the Early Bird Expo in Bloomsburg PA.

February 3th through the 11th - I'll have a double booth and will be giving seminars all week at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg






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Susquehanna River Conditions

Want to know if we can fish? Click on River Conditions, if the depth gauge is 6 ft or less, I can find us some fish to catch and I don't care if it's muddy.

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